Village Creek 10k/25k Trail Run

Ethan Cook, Muckas Running Club
10k, 25k Trail Runs
1/28/2017 8:30 am
Village Creek State Park Wynne, AR Location Map

Village Creek 10k/25k, 2017 ! The Legend CONTINUES! Will it be a thawed, muddy mess like 2014? Will it be a repeat of the frozen tundra of 2015? The typhoon of 2016? Tough single track mixed with some wide open spaces atop the geologic anomaly known as Crowley's Ridge. There are markings EVERYWHERE! We still look forward to hearing the one person that stares at their feet the whole race come tell us they got lost. There will be a 6.5 hour time limit on the 25k, so if you think you can hike it go ahead! However, if you are not in at the 6.5 hour mark you will be hunted down by trained Falcons/Flying Monkeys that will swoop down and snatch you off the trail so everyone else can go home! See ya on January 28th

No age groups! Top 10 male and Top 10 female awarded in both races!

Located just 6 miles south of Wynne, Village Creek State Park encompasses nearly 7,000 acres. The 31st park and 2nd largest in Arkansas, Village Creek sits atop the geologic anomaly known as Crowley's Ridge!

Single track course, the 25K will be an out and back route starting at the bicycle entrance to the following markers 13,14,11,10,16,17,18, north past 19 towards 20 where you will reach the turnaround. Aid stations will be located at 14 and the turnaround. This is a cup free race! Bring your own bottles! The 10k will follow markers 13,14,11,10,9,7,6,12,13, and back to the bicycle entrance. ! You must be registered by January 10th, 2017 to guarantee a hoodie or pullover.

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