Tour De Kale Cycling Events 2017

# of participants: 226# of finishers: 207last updated: 6/15/2018 12:38 pm
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Award Bib First Name Last Name Ride Time Chip Time Ride Avg Time to Summit Climb Time Category Cat Rank Division Div Rank Gender Gen Rank Age Age Group AG Rank Team Name City ST
25 BARBARA GAYLORD 4:19:25.75 4:19:25.75 3:47/mile 110K 28 Age Group F 1 61 WHISPERING PINES NC
171 DANA BURLESON 5:07:16.48 5:07:16.48 4:29/mile 110K 36 Age Group F 2 44
89 ANNA MCGEEHAN 110K Age Group F 30 Carolina Cycling Team RALEIGH NC