Team Taylor Environmental Grant 5k

Susan Wind, Team Taylor
4/14/2018 9:00 am
ESC Park Troutman Troutman, NC Location Map

Friday, April 13th, we will have a packet pick up if you would like to come out and join the fun. Bring the family to Cliff Hangers (326 Oates Rd, Mooresville, NC 28117) between 5pm-8pm! Everyone can climb for $15.00 (includes basic rentals) as Cliff Hangers is a fantastic sponsor for this Team Taylor Grant! Pizza and soft drinks will be available to your family! We will have your bags there to collect with lots of great gifts and your t-shirt to wear to the 5k! Come on out for the fun!

In 2017, our 16 year old daughter, Taylor was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer. Her cancer was very aggressive as it spread throughout her neck. There were no signs for years except a small lump on the right side of her neck (which we were told was a swollen gland). Thyroid Cancer has increased dramatically in recent years, and is possibly linked to environmental factors (radiation, chemicals, etc.). It is called the “silent cancer” as there are no “signs” early on. Throughout our journey, we discovered that there were “clusters” of these cancers in our area (Mooresville, NC). A grant was set up called the Team Taylor Environmental Fund, sponsored by ThyCa (Thyroid Cancer Survivor Association) to conduct a research study of the cases in our area. Doctors and Researchers from Wake Forest and Duke University will be conducting this study as soon as the funds are raised ($50k). We need your help in sponsoring this 5k event on April 14, 2018 to get more answers that are needed!