Super Gabe 5k

Alex Baldwin, Montgomery Leadership Program
4/5/2020 4:00 pm
The Junction, Mississippi State Campus Starkville, MS Location Map

The Super Gabe 5k is a race aimed to raise funds and awareness for the Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) Research Partnership. The race honors Gabriel Valentine, a young boy from the Starkville community, who passed away from the complications of EB in 2017. EB is a group of rare diseases that cause the skin to blister. The blisters may appear in response to minor injury, heat, or friction from rubbing, scratching or adhesive tape. This disease hindered Gabe's ability to move, and while he spent most of his time in a wheelchair, he continued to fight and live every day to the fullest. Gabe was a kind-hearted and intelligent young boy who touched the lives of many around him.

Join us and Sprint for Super Gabe!

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