SeeSmart Scenic 5k

LuEllen Childress, Monroe County Children's Vision Center
4/6/2019 8:00 am
Turn at the Devils Elbow Boat Ramp Sign and go to the end, this is the start and finish location. Aberdeen, MS Location Map

The SeeSmart Scenic 5K Color Run helps support the "Hidden Disorders--Right in Front of Our Eyes" conference for teachers and all their stakeholders. Vision/visual processing disorders affect approximately 1 in 4 people, often without anyone recognizing the problem for what it is. These disorders affect the ability to read, to remember what is read, even to maintain balance--and if not addressed, an affected child may become discouraged and in some cases even drop out of school.

The Run will be held April 6. The conference is scheduled for September 19. Please mark your calendars. Walkers, runners, wheelchair athletes of all ages are welcome. And we will try to have a better agreement with the weatherman next year! ; )