Race the Bar Crawl!

Bar Crawl
11/19/2017 3:00 pm
Downtown Greensboro Greensboro, NC Location Map

This is always one of our favorite events each year. This is a time for everyone to cut loose and celebrate a great year of running. Each season will end with a Race the Bar Crawl! If you haven’t done this before, get ready for something new, because this isn’t your average race (or your average bar crawl)! This year we will be starting at Pig Pounder and finishing at Gibb’s Hundred with Fisher’s Grille, Stumble Stilskins, and Mellow Mushroom in between. At each location, runners will get a beer and a stamp of completion. Do it for speed, do it for fun, do it for the beer, or do it for all three! There is no set route (although we will give you our recommendation) and a “best way” that is marked on the roads. Either way you will find your way from bar to bar. Runners are required to check in at each bar and get their stamp. The drinking at each bar is not required for the race portion and runners can get their stamp and carry on. If you don’t get your beer on the way through the first time, you will have a designated amount of time to go back and drink your beer after the finish. But you must have checked in at each bar in order to be eligible for awards!

The only rules are that you must be on foot the whole way, keep your beer in the designated areas, and you must obey all traffic laws. We will have a finish line at one of the selected bars where you will receive a finisher’s award to finish out the five race series, as well as awards for the fastest finishers. Why not join us as we sample some of the best beer in Greensboro while enjoying a running tour of the town?

Location Map
Event Map