Arctic Plunge

Michelle Tucker, Massanutten Resort
No Distance
3/3/2019 10:00 am
Massanutten Resort Massanutten, VA Location Map

Each plunge will be limited to 25 participants and will take place in 30 minute increments. Participants may use the steam room, sauna, hot tub, and/or indoor pool after their plunge and may change in the locker room areas. Spectators will not be allowed access to the Woodstone Recreation Center without a recreation pass. Please arrive early to allow time to check-in. Parking will be limited, so help us out and carpool with your team!

What to Bring

  • Old shoes or aquatic shoes to wear during the plunge. Don’t forget to bring a pair of dry shoes to wear afterwards!
  • A duffel bag, backpack and/or garbage bag: It’s a good idea to bring a bag for dry clothes as well as a plastic bag for your wet clothes after you’ve plunged.
  • A towel.
  • Dry replacement clothes: After you’re done plunging, it’s nice to have some warm and dry clothes for the journey home. Bring warm clothes that are easy to put on.

Please arrive early to allow time to check-in. All participants must check-in prior to plunging to turn in donations, receive their long sleeve shirt and access to the plunge site. Please bring all donations to check-in. Cash, credit cards, and checks accepted.

Safety Info

Trained Lifeguards will be present during this event. Do NOT dive or flip into the water. This will be strictly enforced by the lifeguards. Please do not run out of the water after your plunge. The pool deck will be wet and slippery. Be careful as you make your way to the indoor facility. Please do not plunge after drinking alcohol. Intoxicated people will not be permitted to plunge. Leave valuables at home or with a spectator. Massanutten is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen.