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Brent Weigner
Marathon 26.2 miles
1/25/2020 9:00 am
2.1 kilometers from from race headquarters at the hotel Crown Plaza Managua managua paseo xolotlan Location Map

The marathon will begin in Paseo Vieja Managua Park. The cutoff time will be 7 hours. Only 20 runners and fast walkers will be allowed to register. The race headquarters will be about 2.1 kilometers away at Crown Plaza Managua Hotel. Specifics will be added later. Email the following information to the race director if you want to register.

Name ____________________

Address __________________

Country __________________

Gender __________________

Birthday _________________

Age ____________________

Email ___________________

Phone number ___________

We will also accept volunteers to help on the course. Runners must wear a GPS watch or devise that records distance and time and they must show the race officials which will also be timing.


1. John Lum Young 5:50:29

2. Janos Kis 7:02:55

3. Zsolt Dragoman 7:02:58

4. J├╝rgen Kuhlmey 7:23:06

5. Lichu Sloan 7:30:10

6. Deborah Lazerson 7:41:48

7. Yen Nguyen 7:57:28

8. Peter Bennett 7:57:32

9. Edson L. Sanches 7:57:49

Location Map
Event Map