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Brent Weigner
Marathon 26.2 miles
3/14/2021 6:00 am
Loma De Tiscapa National Park, Crown Plaza Hotel

The marathon will begin in Loma De Tiscapa Historic National Park. The cutoff time will be 8 hours. Only 20 runners and fast walkers will be allowed to register. The race headquarters will be about 1 kilometer away at Crown Plaza Managua Hotel. Specifics will be added later. Email the following information to the race director if you want to register.

Name ____________________

Address __________________

Country __________________

Gender __________________

Birthday _________________

Age ____________________

Email ___________________

Phone number ___________

We will also accept volunteers to help on the course. Runners must wear a GPS watch or devise that records distance and time and they must show the race officials which will also be timing.

2020 Results:

1. John Lum Young 5:50:29

2. Janos Kis 7:02:55

3. Zsolt Dragoman 7:02:58

4. J├╝rgen Kuhlmey 7:23:06

5. Lichu Sloan 7:30:10

6. Deborah Lazerson 7:41:48

7. Yen Nguyen 7:57:28

8. Peter Bennett 7:57:32

9. Edson L. Sanches 7:57:49