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Our Mission

The mission of Family Service Society is to serve as a crisis resource to families of Paducah-McCracken County.

Our History

In 1927, a group of men and women from Paducah came together to form a service agency to help the working poor in our area. They saw a need that was not being filled by the government and stepped in to help. There was a mix of prominent business men, housewives, and physicians that felt this need was essential. 89 years later, Family Service Society is still essential to this community of Paducah-McCracken county and we are so grateful that those men and women came together to form this agency. We work hard to meet the needs of those in crisis needs situations in our community.

In 2003, Family Service Society moved from its location on 3rd Street to 827 Joe Clifton Drive. The building issues were too much to repair and the building that FSS operated out of was eventually torn down by the city.

The City of Paducah generously allowed Family Service Society to live rent free in this space but the repairs needed were too great to live with. The Executive Director at the time, Karen Mayer, sought out a new home for FSS and that home was 827 Joe Clifton Drive. Again the City of Paducah helped out with a City Grant and the building was granted to FSS for $1.00 a year for 5 years.

Picture of current building: Move in to 827 Joe Clifton Drive was completed. Though the property had previously been a Captain D’s restaurant and an UK sweatshirt shop it would now serve as headquarters to Family Service Society to help those in the Paducah-McCracken County who are in crisis needs situations.

R.G. Matheson is honored for 31 years of service to Family Service Society. What a life of service Mr. Matheson led and we are so thankful he was part of the history and legacy of Family Service Society.

Christmas Story Family Service Society has served the community in many ways during the Christmas season over the years. Today, Family Service Society seeks out the elderly in the community who need assistance during the holiday season.

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