High Cotton Brewing Co 1 mile Beer Run

Ross Avery, High Cotton Brewing Company
1 mile
6/15/2019 11:00 am
High Cotton Brewing Company Memphis, TN Location Map

Entry fee gets tshirt, High Cotton silicone pint glass, 4 beers fills during run, an after run beer token,

and other goodies

early reg (May 30) guarantees Tshirt size

Dead Soldiers Band to follow for High Cotton Brewing Company 5th Anniversary TapRoom party

Four Beers Two laps One Mile

Four Divisions

1) Frat Status 8 Min mile or better

2) Big Easy 8 Min mile or slower

3) Push it Real Good Stroller Division

4) Doggie Style Dog Division

A winner of each division will receive a High Cotton Ceramic Mug and entry into the mug club.

Also judges will award one division winner with Free Beer For A Year (their first beer free every day for a year in the Tap Room) It will be judged on style, race wear, guzzle technique, and other subtle things, so totally subjective