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The Go Lucy Go Foundation is dedicated to serving children and families facing the diagnosis of a brain tumor, providing comfort and support as they face the most important fight of their lives. The Foundation has made gifts that touch every level of patient experience, such as placing refrigerators in each room of the Neurosurgery floor, establishing a "take what you want" Ladybug Library for hospital patients, providing monthly meals to hospitalfamilies. The Foundation has also supported hospital operations by buying rehabilitation equipment and sending nurses to critical training seminars across the country.

In recent months the Go Lucy Go Foundation has used funds raised to fly patients in from foreign countries such as Africa and Haiti to undergo life-saving brain surgeries. While here, we have supported these families with housing, food and living expenses. 20 i-Pads have also been purchased for use by patients and families during their stay at the Neuroscience Institute.

The Go Lucy Go Foundation holds twoannual fundraisers each year. There is a 5k/10k in April and a Dinner and Auction in October. Through these two events we raise the critical funds necessary to support the mission of theFoundation.

Fundraising is currently closed