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In 2006 four friends, motivated by God's love, made a decision to get out and serve the needs of their neighbors. They pooled funds, efforts, and spheres influence to create a "common cupboard" to draw from serving our neighbors in need.

It started with a 'small revolution of kindness' and has grown to women, men, teens and children from every background, ethnicity, socio-economic condition, faith community 'bridging the gap together' for families and communities in their backyard.

On our journey we have found friends, strangers, communities, churches, schools and corporations with the desire to help change the lives of those in need. Little did we know we would be as blessed as those we serve.

In 2018 we are feeding over 700 families each month, plus 1000 more at Thanksgiving (approx 32,000 people a year) through:

During the past few years we have been adjusting our course a little. Not only are we "giving folks a fish" but we are "teaching folks to fish," and "empowering them to make the fishing hole a better place!" Through our new program, Advocates For Change, our neighbors living in poverty are being empowered to change their family's life and stepping up to have a seat at the community table. Through "Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin' By World" we are creating Leaders for Change from poverty and through "Bridges Out of Poverty Workshops" we are training Allies for Change from Middle Class and Wealth. Together they'll be working not only to improve their own lives, but the community as well. For more information contact Keith@CommonHeart.org.

We are dedicated to Promoting a small revolution of kindness, one heart at a time!

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