2018 Colon Screening For Life

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To decrease the incidence of colon cancer and related deaths in the tri-state area by causing individuals to make lifestyle choices that lessen the possibility of developing colon cancer and by increasing the number of individuals who seek timely colon cancer screening by providing programs to increase awareness about the disease and by providing education about methods of prevention and treatment of colon cancer.

Colon Screening for Life along with its many sponsors in the community would like to continue to advance its mission of education on the importance of early detection of colon cancer and spreading the message of prevention through regular screenings and a healthy lifestyle.

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Utility Bill, in honor of Bill Palmer 1 $50
OHA 1 $25
Cheryl's Swarm 1 $25
Donna's Dudes & Divas 1 $25
Beth’s Buddies 1 $25
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