Catawba SwimRun

Race Director, US National Whitewater Center
10/4/2020 12:00 am
Charlotte, NC Location Map

A distinct multisport race, the Catawba SwimRun is a twist on the classic ÖTILLÖ SwimRun concept. Teams of two will alternate between trail running throughout the Whitewater Center trail system and open water swimming in the Catawba River. Designed in a lap format, the race is comprised of two different course distances and allows competitors to race solo if they wish. The 1 Lap total distance equates to 3.2 miles of running and .5 miles of swimming, while the 3 Lap total distance equates to 10 miles of running and 1.6 miles of swimming. One of the few races of this kind in the region, the Catawba SwimRun offers competitors a chance to combine disciplines and test their endurance on land and in the water.

Location Map
Event Map