TDD Triathlon

Elaine Vescio, Vmps
1/4 mile swim, 11 mile bike, 3.2 mile run
9/16/2017 9:00 am
Wallum Lake Rd Douglas State Forrest Location Map

Described by a number of participants as their favorite triathlon!

The TDD Triathlon is a wonderful, late season sprint triathlon that attracts experienced competitors as well as people who are new to the sport. It is held in a quiet, Central Massachusetts town that is convenient to Boston, Rhode Island, and parts of Connecticut. Race categories include elite/open, age group, relay teams, athena & clydesdale, aquathon (swim/run), and aquabike (swim/bike).

Race Venue and Course Description

The race venue is in beautiful Douglas State Forest--a bucolic setting for the race, and an ideal location for a post event cookout as there are plenty of barbecues and picnic tables available for use, hiking trails, and a beach for more post event fun.

The race begins with a 1/4 mile swim in Wallum Lake, a very large and picturesque lake with placid waters. Swim angels are available to help nervous swimmers feel more confident during the swim. The single loop, 11 mile bike route on rural roads offers varied terrain, and a few good climbs. It's a challenging bike course, but participants are rewarded with a special message on the final hill. The 3.2 mile run is an out and back course mostly in the state park.

The pretty setting, enthusiastic volunteers, and friendly environment make this an especially enjoyable event for participants and spectators.

Race Day Schedule

Registration/Check In 7:15 AM to 8:45 AM
Transition Closes8:45 AM
Pre Race Meeting at Beach8:50 AM
Race Starts - First Swim Wave9:00 AM

Bike Support

Southbridge Cycles will be at the race venue during check in for minor bike repairs and adjustments. They will provide on course support during the bike segment.

Important Course Information for 2017


The bike course on Wallum Lake Road crosses SW Main Street. At the next intersection, you will take a sharp right onto Route 16. Slowdown for this turn. The road is banked, and there is a deep pothole in the turn. There will be a police detail and marshals at this location. When you take the right from Route 16 onto SW Main Street, you will take an immediate left onto Route 96/South Street. South Street has a nice long downhill on it. Enjoy! However, slow down to take the right onto Chestnut which is partway down the hill.


As you leave transition, take a left onto the access road which is hard packed dirt. The first aid station will be on the access road where it meets the parking lot about a half mile into the course.

When the access road meets Wallum Lake Park Road, bear left onto Wallum Lake Park Road. Please stay to the left as you run up Wallum Lake Park Road so as not to interfere with cyclists returning to the park. At the top of the hill (yes, it's a hill), take a left onto Wallum Lake Road. The second aid station will be shortly after the left. Continue past the aid station to the turn around which is partway up another hill (yes, another hill). After the turn around, you will retrace the run route, taking a right onto Wallum Lake Park Road. Stay to your right on this road on the return, allowing the cyclists to have the other side of the road. At the guard shack, bear right to continue to retrace the run route back to the access road. As you near the finish, it's a downhill. Slow near the bottom of the downhill as it's a sharp right turn on a dirt road to get to the finish chute. Also keep a heads up for runners coming from the opposite direction who are beginning the run course. Then the finish line is there. Celebrate!


Volunteers are essential to offer a safe and well supported event. Volunteer roles include swim angels, marshals on the bike and run courses, people to hand out water on the run course, and people to direct athletes into and out of the transition area. For more information, contact Elaine at or 508-612-3000, or sign up to volunteer below.

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Special Reason for the TDD Triathlon

The TDD Triathlon is a memorial race for Tyrus, Dante, and Daniel Vescio, triplet sons of local racers, Don and Elaine Vescio. The race is a fundraiser for the University of Massachusetts Memorial Newborn Intensive Care Unit in Worcester, MA.

Tyrus, Dante, and Daniel were born prematurely on April 8, 2005 at UMass Memorial Hospital, and died shortly afterwards. Don and Elaine promised their sons that they would always be remembered, and that they would help other babies get the chance to live long, healthy lives. The TDD Triathlon was born from that promise.

Proceeds from the TDD Triathlon have been used to fund the purchase of many important items including Giraffe OmniBeds which are self contained, individual intensive care units; technology for the Umass nicView program which enables parents and other family members to view their baby when they cannot be with their child at the hospital; and simple white boards for parents and nursing staff to leave message for each other.

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